Tips for Looking Your Best in Wedding Photographs

If you want to look your best on your wedding day – and in the photographs, you need to track three important things: hairstyle/makeup, your wedding attire and your posture. Even if you ignore any one of these aspects, expect poor wedding photographs. You would also need to finalise and book photographer online in advance so you can discuss with him your preferences and the type of photographs you want taken.

Bridal Appearance

Your personal appearance is all important. The camera is a very cunning object. It catches every little nuance – like overdone rosy cheeks; unwanted wisps of hair protruding from the veil; maybe the gown pulling a little tight on the abdomen; slouching; or a much-wanted-to-hide-crooked tooth?

At all times, during that special day, you need to be totally conscious of how you carry yourself and give the camera your best profiles and shots.

Discuss with the Photographer

It is important to discuss what type of photographs you want when you book photographer online. You may want to have special pictures taken with your family and friends. Pictures when you are doing the ‘mirror on the wall’ finishing touches; pictures of the bridal group before taking off to Church; a picture of you receiving the bouquet from your Best Man.

All these are important memories to treasure and should be made clear when you book photographer online, so he is ready to catch those moments.


If your wedding is planned during hot sunny days, keep that in mind when choosing your wedding dress. Your makeup too should not feel sticky and cakey. Professional photographers like working in natural sunlight, so a good few pictures may be taken outdoors.

For sure, you would like to avoid sweaty patches marring the pictures. When you book photographer online, he should also be able to ensure the pictures do not reflect any of the above.


Beautiful and alluring is something every bride wants to appear in her wedding photographs. However beautiful and alluring the bride may be, if she is caught in the wrong stance or posture, the camera catches it all.

So make sure when the photographer is taking pictures you are standing straight with your shoulders pulled back and head held high. If you are sitting, keeping your ankles crossed will give your feet a dainty look.

Your bridesmaids should see that your dress falls naturally and a thumbs-up signal from the photographer will get you that precious second to flash a charming smile.

Practice Makes Perfect

For your makeup and hair to be perfect on your wedding day, it helps to have a rehearsal earlier. Get your make-up artist to try out different shades to match your skin tone. All the different types of make-up ladies use – eye-shadow, blush, foundation, mascara – have to be co-ordinated and applied to just that right level which the camera will catch and enhance. When you book photographer online make sure he is well versed with bridal photography.