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GiRoPhoto is dedicated to capturing images of outdoor lifestyle photography capturing all facets of being outdoors from the wildlife, adventures and lifestyles of people to athletes in action during competition or pursuing their sport. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Canada a seed was planted at a young age that has stuck with me my whole life, to enjoy the outdoors. Living now in Sydney, Australia I enjoy the long summer weather spending more time outdoors capturing images.

My goal is to capture these great moments, places and experiences that are discovered when outdoors either partaking in sports, adventures or simply relaxing with friends.

Photographing outdoor sporting events is one of my main markets capturing images for competitors to purchase. This focus has seen a shift to working more with organizers providing editorial images to help promote and build their events. This editorial photography and now commercial work is my main focus now as I enjoy the creative process in interpreting an event or a client’s brief to then create imagery that captures the action of the sport or how a brand and its products inspires others to get out and go on adventures.

As I get to travel to so many wonderful and beautiful places I like to make these images available for purchase personally printing the digital files completing the creative process from camera to print to customer. Images are available to purchase via the site allowing you to share in these great locations.